Practicing With Student Grade supplies vs Professional Supplies

Ok my dear and loyal readers, you may have noticed this was not done on the day I said I was hoping to have it done. Cut me some slack I had surgery and a rough few days, but I'm doing better now, so as promised here is my feelings on whether or not you should practice with any ol' thing you can get your hands on or use professional quality stuff even for practice.

Use the best quality you can afford. Quality products are easier to use than most student grade stuff. It takes way less layers of a polychromos pencil to achieve the same results than crayolas. The same goes for paints, papers, brushes, canvases and well pretty much anything.

Can you achieve great work with student or cheap supplies? Absolfreakinglutely! What is going to happen to the great masterpiece you just created though with Crayolas or Reeves? You can't actually sell the original, or at the very least you shouldn't. They are not archival and are gonna fade to nothing in a few years. Your buyer is gonna be kinda sad if not mad. 

That's all for now, till next time!


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