First Year of a New Artist

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So if anyone thought a year of doing art on a part time basis, in multiple medias was going to make them a master, I really hope they think twice. I started this journey a year ago and because I work full time, I only have 20 hours a week in a good week (and getting nothing else done) to hone my skills, I really thought I would have come along further along but I get it, I am just not putting enough time into it.

What have I done in this year to improve?

1.) Draw - I picked up some colored pencils and began drawing and coloring. I like it but it is time consuming and I get bored easily so after I do a colored pencil piece I move on to,

2.) Paint- I choose acrylics for two reasons, the first is they are quick drying and I can accomplish more in one shot. The second is that my entire household has multiple allergies and we have ferrets, lots of trouble making ferrets and acrylics are much safer then oils. Nothing is perfectly safe but acrylics do not give off the toxins into the air that oils and their blenders do.

3.) Watch - I watched a ton of you tube videos of various artists. My two favorite are Cinnamom Cooney (The Artsherpa) and Lisa of Lachri Fine Arts. Yes it is hard to watch a video and do your own thing too, so mostly I guess i just listened lol!

4.) Listen- I listened to The Colored Pencil Podcast. I just love Lisa and John, they do not always agree and they have wonderful personalities. Oh and did I mention they are like colored pencil Gods in my mind?!

That is what I did and I have progressed. I still have duds, I still show them. Maybe some one else can learn from them. I have learned not to be afraid of not being perfect. (ok I'm still struggling with this, but I am getting better!)

Till next time!


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