New Adventures!

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So on top of drawing and painting and working full time as a nurse and taking care of my mom and kids and hubby, I have decided to start making soaps and candles! I am totally excited about the new artistic expressions that will come with these new projects!

I will be honest, candle making is not nearly as fun as I remember it when i was a kid though! It is messy and wax is wicked to clean up if it sits around any length of time! Blah Clean up is no fun for sure, but the soap making, oh the soap making! That is fun and messy and easy to clean up comparatively, however the wait time for the end product is killing me! Oh how I wish I had discovered this in like July!

I am making as many batches as I can right now of old fashioned cold pressed soap, many will be made with no chemical additives including the fragrances that will be used in them and the only alcohol that will be in them will be vodka or something similar, like the one I made with cherry liqueur (pictured).

If you would like to pre order the earliest any will be ready is 12/15/17. I really hope you enjoy them!


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