Cyber Monday

Posted by Heather Gorman on

So it's cyber Monday and the christmas/yule holiday is in full swing. I have a 20% discount code for everything in my shop BlackFriday2016! It ends tonight, it has not been used once. You might think I would be terribly sad by this but honestly, it's OK. Let me share with you why, I have been painting/drawing for like 6 months, my portfolio is almost non existent and well I know I'm just not there yet.

Now you may wonder why I am even bothering then if I already know that I'm no prodigy artist. The answer for that one is simple, you have to start somewhere, you have to at least try and then keep trying. Will I hear no many times, of course I will. Will it chip a little away at my confidence each time? Maybe but I'm going to try to remember that I am only just beginning this journey. I hope you will keep following along with me.

On another note, I finished Spike. I think he turned out lovely and thankfully so does the person I did him for!