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Beer Soap
Beer Soap
Heart Key Creations

Beer Soap

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Scented with Dragon Moon and All Souls Day Frag Oils.

You can watch the making of video here - if you would like!


Dragon Moon - Nurture Soap Description

mysterious and ethereal. The scent of night blooming flowers in ancient woods are complimented by Spanish moss and garden herbs. A touch of musk finishes off this blend.


All Souls Day - Nurture Soap Description

This fragrance is comprised of notes of lime, neroli, and frankincense. Named after the celebration All Souls Day, this fragrance will put you in the party mood. It is fresh, uplifting, and energizing. Compare to Lush® brand Day of the Dead™


All bars are between 3.25 and 3.8 oz each bar weighs something different.


Ingredients – Beer, Saponified palm oil (sustainabley sourced), Saponified coconut oil, saponified Crisco, saponified grape seed oil, saponified toasted sesame oil, saponified safflower oil, Fragrance oil, black oxide


Homemade soap vs. Commercial Soap
Home made soap is full of Glycerin. Glycerin is produced by the chemical process that happened during the soap making process. Commercial soap extract the glycerin out of the soap which actually makes them petroleum based detergents. This is why your skin feels tight, dry and itchy. The Glycerin which is left in homemade soap performs as a humectant which attracts moisture to the skin.

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