All Natural Artisan Soaps

These soaps are made with no chemical additives, chemical scents or preservatives Every bar will vary slightly in look and weight as is normal with all artisan soaps. To preserve the life of any homemade soap, I recommend keeping them dry after each use. Please read the ingredients list carefully and do not use if you have sensitivities to any of the ingredients.  All ingredients are listed in item descriptions and on the soap label itself.

Homemade soap vs. Commercial Soap
Home made soap is full of Glycerin. Glycerin is produced by the chemical process that happened during the soap making process. Commercial soap extract the glycerin out of the soap which actually makes them petroleum based detergents. This is why your skin feels tight, dry and itchy. The Glycerin which is left in homemade soap performs as a humectant which attracts moisture to the skin.